About Splash Wedding

Splash Wedding Studios is destination wedding photographers based in Cairo, Egypt. working between Egypt, Turkey and UAE, we aspires to bring you an exceptional wedding photography and videography experience on your wedding day. We provide artistic wedding photography and videography services that capture the details of this once in a lifetime experience.

We bring a diverse and unique set of photography and videography experience that ensures capturing the best moments of your life.

Through our nontraditional approach to documenting the wedding experience, Splash wedding seeks to provide you with specialized photography / videography coverage that suits your needs.

Splash Wedding Team:

Karim Soliman (Co-Founder / Lead Photographer) – Based in Egypt & Turkey:

KarimKarim Soliman is passionate about capturing human emotion through his lens. Since 2006, Karim’s interest in creating fashionable art using his camera has increased every day. Karim is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge about fashion and portrait photography by attending and delivering workshops locally and internationally.

Karim has worked with numerous international photography agencies focusing on fashion and portrait photography. His work has been published in Egypt’s leading fashion media outputs. Combining fashion and wedding photography,  Karim has created a new approach to the wedding industry where he seeks to provide clients with thought provoking, fashionable images.

Mohamed Rabie (Photographer) – Based in Egypt:

Mohamed RabieMohamed Rabie’s experience has spanned across five years in documenting those lovely moments between couples, and newly weds.

Rabie believes in taking those shots between the couple which show their love and intimacy with two very important aspects on his mind, one of them being that he is an artist and all of his shots should be artistic when it comes to the angles, the look, feel and how they are looked at. The second that he is a storyteller, and there is nothing better in than telling a story through a static image.

Rabie started shooting weddings prior to joining Splash, though his experience is much broader shooting in studios and with controlled lights like flashes and other ways. He joined Splash to explore shooting outdoors and help bring his indoor studio experience to enrich the arts and stories being told through his photography.

Mohamed El Raddaf (Videographer) – Based in Egypt:

Mohamed El RaddafMohamed El Raddaf is has a huge experience with graphic design, photography and videography, his passion lies around being able to document the best moments in a day to be remembered for a lifetime. Documenting those little moments that make the difference is no easy task, and Raddaf up for it.

Raddaf has a huge portfolio when it comes to advertising and documentaries, he worked with many agencies from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sweden. He is very tech savvy and using the latest technologies and the latest techniques helps Raddaf be more creative and will bring the best moment you live to life.

Omar Magdi (Content Manager) – Based in Egypt:

Omar Magdi Omar has always believed in creativity and the creative power behind creation. Creation is the most beautiful form of humanity and art, we were created beautiful to create beautiful. With creation comes challenges, And Omar has been involved in art, design and managerial projects, and content managing and creation is somewhat an extension of what he feels and thinks.

Also, Omar has diverse interests from science to literature, and his personal goal is to create, and make everything feel, look, read, smell and sound beautiful.

Ahmed El-Shennawy (Photographer) – Based in Dubai:

ShennawyEven though Ahmed Shennawy’s passion for photography developed recently, he has already established himself in the market with his unique style and fabulous images.

Shennawy’s images capture human interaction in a beautiful and simple way. Shennawy always focuses on the details and creates a story from the human interactions in the wedding. Shennawy is a passionate traveler and a great addition to the splash team.

Mo Sigo (Photographer) – Based in Dubai:

SigoMo Sigo is a talented photographer specializing in capturing happiness during the party. Sigo has established himself with colorful and high energy imagery. His technique in utilizing the challenging lighting conditions during the wedding make him a talented and innovative wedding photographer. After receiving his wedding photos, Sigo started to think about the things that he could have done differently to make his own wedding more memorable. A desire to provide couples with memorable images lead him to a career in wedding photography in Dubai.

Every wedding is a special event for Sigo and he is keen to provide Splash Wedding’s Clients with unique images that are memorable and imaginative.

Ziga Mihelcic (Photographer) – Based in Dubai:

Ziga ProfileŽiga is a photographer from Slovenia who was born in 1988 in Ljubljana. After finishing high school he started studying painting in Arthouse-College for Visual Arts and graduated in 2011. His passion for photography developed in his college years and became his full time job when he graduated. He’s been working as a photographer for over 7 years now. He enjoys working with people and dedicates very special attention to every single couple to capture their wedding the best way possible and give them a great memory.

Ahmed Hamdy (Photographer) – Based in Dubai:

Ahmed Hamdy RExpert photographer who is in the field since 2009, with a magnificent fingerprint through genuine quality and unforgettable shots that freeze a moment to be a life time memory.
Ahmed Enjoys capturing those perfect moments in the most artistic and creative ways in shooting weddings, couples and family shots Playing with light is his favorite game.


Akram Yassen (Photo Editor):

AkramAkram Yassen’s experience in photography stretches over several years. His immense experience in technology combined with his artistic photography set him as a very talented photo editor. Akram is an experienced user of Lightroom and Photoshop who is keen to provide couples with artistically retouched photos that capture the joy and happiness during the wedding day.