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SANA & MAHER, a couple from Pakistan, Photoshoot at the most historical place on earth.

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At one of the most historical places on earth, Splash’s team headed with Sana and Maher to land pharaohs , This scenery was breathtaking at The Great Pyramids, and it certainly showed the deep love Sana & Maher’s are in.

The great Pyramids of Giza has brought out the best of those darlings in photos!

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Nurida & Fabio, A couple from Italy, Dubai have tied the knot in the beautiful Anantara Resort

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Nurida & Fabio tied the knot in Dubai at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. The wedding was fabulous with lots of amazing group of guests.

Love was filling the place between family, and friends. But specially these two lovebirds were deep in love and it is showing in every photo and every angle!

We enjoyed being around Nurida & Fabio a lot and we enjoyed being in such a lovely wedding with so much love and good vibes in the air.

In the next day, Splash team headed out for another adventure to capture the couple trashing the dress in the beautiful sandy coast of the resort. as It was one of the best locations we ever shoot in.

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Xia Qi & Peng Lin / The amazing Chinese Couple with a true love story

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What an amazing couple!
Xia Qi & Peng Lin, a couple from China have showed their love in the beautiful Wadi Degla Protectorate and the streets of Cairo.

This scenery was breathtaking, and it certainly showed the deep love Xia Qi & Peng Lin’s are in. The location has brought out the best of those darlings in photos and videos!

We enjoyed being around Xia Qi & Peng Lin a lot and we enjoyed being in such an astonishing atmosphere that their love have created in the place.

Splash Wedding wishes them all felicity and happiness!

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Ali & Huda / A Gorgeous Wedding in Abu Dhabi

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Aly and Huda!
How blissful they are!
Believe us one can never forget such a look in their eyes, so charming, so dazzling and gleaming.
The saying goes: “no one believes in love until that special person comes along and steals your heart”. Now we can add thereto: “or see such dazzling loving couple”.
Every moment you see them you feel they are proving that love happens so accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.
May they bear love in their hearts for ever and ever.
In fact their photos were but a celebration of love, trust, partnership, and adoration.
Splash Wedding team wish them all Felicity.

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Esra and Hasip / The Most Endeared Couple

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Esra and Hasip

Both Turkish, the bride, a wedding photographer and the bridegroom a cinema director.

They are an embodiment of the saying : “Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own!”

A few years ago possibly they did not believe that life bears for them such Felicity. 

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A Dazzling Sight

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Christiane and Sammy!

What an exquisite couple!

An Egyptian guy and a beautiful lady maybe they come from different world but love united the two into a superbly blissful one.

One of the happiest moments they had was in All Moaz Street, where ancient beauty of Egypt witnessed their pre-shooting moments at dawn. Hence Splash Wedding recorded such dazzling glimpses of our pretty couple.

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A Special Love / Cairo Wedding with Amazing Couple

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A Special Love

Nohier and Muhammad! 

How lovely they are!

Believe me one of the best scenes ever scene is two lovers so charming, so dazzling and gleaming.

Every moment you see them you feel they are proving that love happens so accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

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Felicity at Last / Wedding Portraits in Cairo, Egypt.

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Donia & Ghossein

They come from the same world, the world of arts! 

It is conspicuous to everyone how deep their love is, how harmonized are both characters, and how cheerfully exquisite they seem! It is by no means surprising that Donia, that charming fashion model falls for the creative director who possibly believed not a long time ago that love is a fallacy!

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Sparrows of Love / Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Cairo

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Alice and Mike!

What a lovely couple!

Both are Chinese, may be few years ago they did not believe in love at first sight. It was for them then mostly a myth! But now they do as they fell for each other the moment they met!  What a changing life!

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Splash’s guide to hiring the perfect wedding planner, An interview with Linen & Silk Weddings

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Preparing for your wedding is one if not the most exciting times you will share as a couple. Also, one of the most stressful between the excitement of moving to a new home, choosing the white dress, and the tux. Planning the ceremony choosing the best man and bride maids, it certainly looks like an endless list.

Hiring a professional wedding planner can eliminate most of the stress accompanied with planning for the best day in your lives.


Having a beautiful location in & out will make you feel even more special!

It’s just like hiring the best photography team to document that day the best for you.

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